Listen Now: Curate a Personalized List of Target Publishers for Your Book Manuscript
Identifying the right publisher for your book is a critical first step in preparing your manuscript for publication, as smartly choosing a relevant publisher can increase your chances of publication success. In this recorded discussion, hear from expert publishing representatives on the different types of publishers available and how you can identify which is best for you, in order to leave with a curated shortlist of options based on your own research bibliography.

Dr. Sophie Wagenhofer

Program Director for History & Library and Information Science,
at De Gruyter

Dr. Maurits van den Boogert

Senior Publishing Director of Middle East and Islamic Studies,
at Brill

Elena Müller

Program Director Biblical Studies, Early Christianity, Jewish Studies,
at Mohr Siebeck

  • The difference between trade and university publishers
  • How to intelligently utilize your bibliography to identify target publishers
  • Expected costs from different types of publishers
  • How to create a personalized shortlist of target publishers