Our Approach Towards Our Translation and Editing Services

Welcome to ALE with Avi Staiman- CEO

Basic principles for translating and editing with ALE

  • Language experts should be passionate about academia and scholarship and share our goal of helping scholars publish their research.

  • Language experts must be professionals with considerable experience in translating and editing academic texts.

  • Language experts must be very familiar with at least one specific academic field and be familiar with the current scholarship in that field. Due to the specific subject knowledge required to work on the texts we receive, we will only send you projects in fields in which you have demonstrated expertise. You are limited to choosing 8 fields of academic expertise so be sure to choose carefully.

  • Language experts should only be translating into their native language. By this, we mean your strongest target language. We allow you to choose up to 3 source languages but please don’t list them as options unless you have complete proficiency.   

  • Language experts should demonstrate the highest level of confidentiality and respect the guidelines for appropriate communication.

Our Approach to Translation:

We believe that the greatest challenge every translator faces is balancing being true to the source text while creating an independent text that is clear and coherent on its own. It is important to keep in mind that for most of our clients, their goal is publication and therefore the flow and clarity of the target text should be given priority. Read more about striking the right balance.

Our Approach to Editing:

Similar to translation, editors need to strike a balance between respecting the source text and improving it to prepare for publication. Being that the goal of for most of our clients in publication in an academic publication, we encourage you to complete a thorough and deep edit when necessary to ensure that the text will be clear and coherent (unless we say otherwise).

As a general rule, texts you submit should be able to be read without the feeling that they are stilted or translated from another language.